Sunday, July 17, 2011

Alas, home again.

Yey this weekend has been a great one. The camping trip was really fun! :D Altho when I had to get up in the middle of the night to use the toilet and thought I heard a wild boar it wasn't as fun haha. It's very easy to mistake someone's snoring for a wild boar in the middle of the dark night I tell ya! I thought I'd post some pix from the mini-trip tomorrow and just show you what I had on my nails while in the nature today :p

It made me think of some button in a spaceship or something :p I just had some fun with my paintbrush and dotting tool. The pink polish is Isadora Flashy Pink which I found at our supermarket for only 20 SEK and also the bottle is an old one so it's about twice the size of the one's you find in the store from new collections. The blue polish is Depend 247, a blue metallic which I have to try stamping with :)

A pic of my desk where I paint my nails. It has little notes and quotes all over. This one is from a really good song; Leonard Cohen - The Partisan. Also I don't know why the spacing is so off after the first pic, hmm. Soon I'll be getting my hands on some candy when my bf gets home from the store. He's a keeper that one! ;)

Have a good one!

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