Friday, August 15, 2014

The ultimate no poo.

Since I stopped using shampoo I've tried a lot of different methods for washing my hair. You can read a lot more about that and other no poo-stuff like lotions, deodorants etc (in swedish) at In the back of my head I've always had a dream about the ultimate no poo... water only. It is what it says, washing your hair with only water. It's felt a bit daunting since I thought of having greasy hair all the time and a long period of adjusting the hair. So I never went for it.

Then it just happened. I went swimming in the ocean and the salt water made my hair look pretty good. After a week I just skipped my regular weekly hair wash.

I brush out the natural oils every other day or so, using a pig's bristle brush. I've washed it with water once or twice a week.

I like that it makes my hair a bit messy. I put some body butter in the tips since they felt a bit dry.

It's been four weeks since my last olive soap + vinegar wash. I'm excited to see how the method works when the weather changes. I'm guessing my scalp will thank me when the fall/winter gets here.

I'm really happy the summer just gave me this push into my ultimate no poo method :) It saves water (since I don't have to wash anything out) and also some money. You're welcome mother nature (again) + wallet! ;) And in two months I'll be celebrating my two year no poo anniversary 8) I love that skipping the shampoo and stuff has made me like my hair so much more. It's also made me care less about having perfect hair (what is that even??). My hair is the bomb ya'll.
Pics taken by bf in my mom's garden.


  1. Cool! Jag tycker tyvärr att jag behöver tvätta håret oftare nu när det är kortare.

  2. Whaa underbart att se fler fina "nopoohår".
    Tycker din slipskjol som du har sytt är superfin btw.

    1. Tack! Ändrar min hårtvättsrutin lite då och då fortfarande. Fick tvätta det med schampoo en gång under julen och huu vad tradigt håret blev! Tacka vet jag no poo :)

  3. Alltså så roligt! Ditt hår är fantastiskt!