Friday, September 30, 2011

Watery water marble.

Moar nail artz! 8) The bf will like this post since his favorite manis are water marbles :P And also he helped photograph.

Done with China Glaze polishes. I started with two coats of Towel Boy Toy and then I marbled with that one, Reggae To Riches and Rodeo Fanatic <3 + SV ofc.

Clean up was a little sloppy yes.. :P This hand came out best.

A bit blurry but you get the idea. I also accidentally bumped the toothpick with all the color onto my ring finger. Boh!

Marbles are fun, I should do it more often! When I have about an hour to spare anyways ;) Do you like doing water marbles? I think they (and tape manis) were probably the first type of nail art I learned to do :)
Time to study! Toodels!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

On the catwalk.

Today's polish is yet another supermarket find :) I've bought all my Color Club minis at Ica Maxi for 10-25 SEK. Pretty nice :) They usually don't have that many colors to choose from so I was really excited to find a duochrome! :D

Color Club - Runway Muse. The thumb and ring is one coat over one coat of CG - Liquid Leather. The others are two coats over one coat of CG- Snow.

I like it best over black :) It reminded me of Gosh - Purple Heart. Altho it was several months since I wore that one :p

And since today is exactly one month until our move I'll post another one of these funny bathroom hairdo-pix 8) This was a looser version of the braid.

Schooltime! Toodels!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I was going to post something else today but the bf took the camera with him and I forgot to get the photos out of it. Anywho that's probably nice since I can post these old ones :P According to the photos I did this 2 months ago but it feels longer. Hmm. At least it's some nail art finally :) I followed this tutorial from

Didn't take a lot of photos of this since it was before I started blogging. But you get the idea :)

Base is China Glaze - Snow. The gold is MNY - 461. The blue (that kinda looks black) is MNY - 665 and I think the green is China Glaze - Emerald Fitzgerald.

Look it's mah right hand! :O

This mani is fun. I should definitely do it again with some other colors :) Yesterday I had to be in school with really wrinkly nails. It was awful. Haha.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Also known as Alias.


This is Color Club - Alias. Two or three coats.

In natural (and quite boring) light. Gief sun... I wasn't really feeling this polish which was a bit sad since I'd wanted it for a while after seeing lovely swatches.

In artificial light.

I kinda wish it would have looked like this :P

You win some, you loose some. It's still a pretty polish. I should try marbling with it or something :)
The bf is making bread. I'm excited! :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

2 x french.

This post features something unusual for me, french manicures. There's 2 of them since I did one and then when I was going to redo my nails I went for a french again :O I like the look on my currently long (for me at least) nails :)

#1 was one coat of Sally Hansen - Champagne Toast and then I sponged the tips on with CG - Snow + SV.

I have to get another light pink for french manis tho since Champagne Toast is a bit goopy and soon finished up.

#2 was two coats of H&M - Happily Ever After and then same as #1.

And the sun was out that day :)


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nails & hair.

This is a polish I wore a while back. China Glaze - Branding Iron. So pretty!

Two coats + SV.

Effortless application :)

I've been trying to come up with new hairstyles. My favorite thing to do is braids so I've tried to develop that to new things.

Here's how I had my hair yesterday. I took the longer hair and did a braid like in this post. And then did the same thing with the shorter hair (in the other direction) on top.

Also, my bathroom has the best mirrors ever. That's something I'll miss when we move into our new awesome apartment in november :D

Just for fun :P

What do you like to do with your hair?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Return of the swamp thing!

I was thinking that I should do more nail art. So it was fitting that the next pix in line were of a tape mani.

This is H&M Blue My Mind with U Must Have This on the tips. I don't have a photo of just Blue My Mind since I smudged it before I could take photos :/ Anyways you've probably seen it before.

My skin looks a bit sad, sorry :P Blue My Mind is a color that I picked up in the store several times without buying it. So when my roomie bought it I wasn't too upset ;) The weird thing about it that it applies like a holo, with bald spots and dragging if you do more strokes :S I guess it's the brush that's weird and not the polish?

Altho it looks a bit gross, this pic is so funny I have to post it. Lol. Yes, that is an avocado on my face.

Now I have to study a bit before school.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Color and creativity!

Today's post is all about the name of my blog :P I tie dyed some clothes this weekend. It was a little bit fail but also win. The fabric strips I used to tie with expanded in the washing machine -.- So the result was a bit too black. But I guess it's a learning process! :) And it looks kind of cool anyways. This isn't all the stuff I did but the ones I was the happiest with.

Tank top.

Towels. These were probably the things that turned out the best :) They make me think of Batman :P

And a dress. I wish it would have been more red but it looks kind of cool like this too.

Have you tried tie dying?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Updated water.

Since I felt Aqua would be nicer with some blue in it I tried sponging on some with Depend - 41. Such a funny name! ;P I liked it better like this at least.

Looks more watery like this :P

Did this before school and didn't have time to clean it up 8) Oops.

Yesterday I was at my mom's house to do some tie dying. Thought I'd take some pics of the stuff tonight and post tomorrow 8)

Saturday, September 17, 2011


A week ago I bought this new polish at H&M called Aqua. I had looked at it several times but the H&M in town only had it in a display. So when I went to the mall it came home with me.

Two coats + SV. Application was normal.

I have to say I'm a little disappointed. This is probably the first polish I've thought about frankening with. I would like it much much more if it was more blue. Also it looks nicer in the bottle.

The good thing is it only cost 29 SEK. Can't win every time :p

Gym time! Toodels!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Healthy stuff.

This was a polish I really enjoyed. China Glaze - Wagon Trail.

Two coats + SV. Application was nice and easy :)

There's almost a rainbow in there!

Bonus pic. I got a juicer from my parents because they didn't use it. Juice it. Haha. Omg. Anywho, it looks really pretty when you mix different colored fruits. And it tastes really good! This juice was pineapple, orange, apple, red grapefruit and a little cucumber. Yum!

This week has been really busy and eventful. But it's been nice. I have to study a bit now but tonight me and the bf are gonna have a cosy night in together with some goood stuff to eat :D

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Just a really quick post before school today. This is what I did with High Hopes.

Tape, dotting tool and CG - Emerald Fitzgerald + SV.

I don't like these non sun photos. If the sun won't come out I'll have to start experimenting with taking photos under a lamp as well.

Off to find some clothes and what to do with the hair... Hmm.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Slightly lowered hopes.

Today I'm showing you another recent China Glaze. This is High Hopes.

Two or maybe three (I don't remember sorry) coats + SV.

There was no sun when I took these pics so it looks a bit darker than IRL. The application was a bit annoying since I'm used to the other CGs that are really easy to apply. I guess it's my luck with these Up & Away polishes... Anywho, SV levels it out.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Even hairier.

My titles are really nerdy haha. Anywho. My hair is getting longer again and my layers are getting a bit more manageable so it's fun to do stuff with it again. After I cut it in june there were a lot of hairstyles I couldn't do because of the layers. I still can't do a normal braid without some hair falling out but soon I hope since it is my favorite most comfortable hairstyle! Yesterday after I had washed my hair I decided to try another curly/wavy hair method I saw on youtube. I can't find the video now tho :/ But it involved twisting your hair and pinning it down on your head. I then slept on it and took it out this morning. It isn't super curly but since it didn't really take that much time to do and you don't have to use any heat I think it turned out okay.

Don't know if I should call it curly or wavy :P

And I'm smiling, not looking angry lol.

I'm trying not to use tools like straighteners and such since it's harmful to the hair, plus honestly I'm not really good at curling the back of my head and I can't always force the roomie to do it for me! Lol. Youtube is your friend!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dorothy + hair.

When I had had Rodeo Fanatic on for about a day (which felt like three or so since I kept staring at my nails all the time...) I added two coats of CG - Dorothy Who?. Like! Altho the next time I use it I'll have a lighter blue underneath.

Blingbling 8)

I really liked it. And it wasn't hard to remove like I thought. I use a dip in remover from Depend if anyone wonders.

And also here it is with my new favorite ring. I think you understand why ;) I bought at the fair trade store for 30 SEK. I'm actually going to go back and buy a back up in case I loose this or something :>

And since I am sir Spams-A-Lot here is a new hairstyle I've learnt this week :)

The waterfall braid I learnt on youtube and the other one I just experimented into happening while watching Murdoch Mysteries 8)


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fanatic about Rodeo Fanatic.

This is another of my latest China Glazes and am I happy I got it? Yes! After seeing Let Them Have Polish's swatches of it I just had to have it :) It applied like a dream and I didn't even care that it stained my nails. Lol. It wasn't all that noticeable since they were already pink from 108 degrees :P

Two coats + SV.
So preeeetty!

Definitely one of my new favorites :)