Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blue and blue leopard.

Here's some nail art. I know, omg and all that. I just kinda felt like doing something a bit more fun on my nails and leopard print is pretty easy, fast and fun :)

 Base is one coat of Barry M - Cyan Blue (previously featured in my last leopard mani oops ;)). The spots are China Glaze - First Mate (previously featured in a looot of nail arts lol). The black is A England - Camelot + a coat of Seche Vite top coat.

I like colorful leopard print. It's such a weird and flimsy thing to put on your nails :)


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Six years.

A couple of weeks ago me and the bf took a day off work to celebrate our six year anniversary :) We had some nice home cooked meals, went practise driving, swam in the ocean, bought some yarn (okay that was just me ;)) and snuggled. It was a really awesome day! And pretty amazing that we've been together for six years and he's still my favorite person in the world <3 Here are some foodie pics since that was the only thing I photographed lolz.

For breakfast I made american pancakes with banana and blueberries.


They turned out preeeeeettyy goood! ;)

For lunch the bf made a quesadilla with left overs from the day before. It was what I would call a multi quesadilla.

And for dinner we made a beet root and chevre salad and had some meat. I only took pics of the salad tho since meat isn't all that fun.

Mmm. This almost made me hungry. Fortunately I've just dined on some pancakes made by the bf. I woke up with wryneck (nackspärr). Boooh! Maybe a side effect from screaming at nazis yesterday, in that case fine. But I guess I just slept weird. Hopefully it will pass during the day/night so I can go to work tomorrow!

Friday, August 15, 2014

The ultimate no poo.

Since I stopped using shampoo I've tried a lot of different methods for washing my hair. You can read a lot more about that and other no poo-stuff like lotions, deodorants etc (in swedish) at In the back of my head I've always had a dream about the ultimate no poo... water only. It is what it says, washing your hair with only water. It's felt a bit daunting since I thought of having greasy hair all the time and a long period of adjusting the hair. So I never went for it.

Then it just happened. I went swimming in the ocean and the salt water made my hair look pretty good. After a week I just skipped my regular weekly hair wash.

I brush out the natural oils every other day or so, using a pig's bristle brush. I've washed it with water once or twice a week.

I like that it makes my hair a bit messy. I put some body butter in the tips since they felt a bit dry.

It's been four weeks since my last olive soap + vinegar wash. I'm excited to see how the method works when the weather changes. I'm guessing my scalp will thank me when the fall/winter gets here.

I'm really happy the summer just gave me this push into my ultimate no poo method :) It saves water (since I don't have to wash anything out) and also some money. You're welcome mother nature (again) + wallet! ;) And in two months I'll be celebrating my two year no poo anniversary 8) I love that skipping the shampoo and stuff has made me like my hair so much more. It's also made me care less about having perfect hair (what is that even??). My hair is the bomb ya'll.
Pics taken by bf in my mom's garden.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day of DIY # 64. The wool cardigan.

Here's something I'm really proud of. It's my second adult sized cardigan and the first one I made (and completed lol) for myself! :) I also wanted the pics to be as awesome as the sweater so it got photographed two times (by my personal photographer <3 ) 8) The first pics were taken when we went to see my mom and another tribe member performing on their summer dance course. This is my contribution for Husmorsskolans Syförening this week.

Would you believe me if I said that it cost me 0 kr to make?

It did in fact. The awesome 100% wool (that's super soft and cosy!) was a gift from G. She bought me 900g in Turkey :) The buttons were a birthday gift from Sister R + family and they were in the biggest pile of buttons I've ever seen (let alone owned!) I should seriously weigh it. Must be kilos. The grey stripes were left overs from this one.

It's also the same pattern as the colorful raglan except I cut it open and made it a cardigan. I also made short rows in the back.

Love it!

 These last two pics were taken by the beach when we were practise driving. As in I was driving woop woop! I also had some pretty cool hair that day 8)

It's real snug in the back. Awesome! Oh and it's knit with size 4 needles and the arm cuffs are 3,5. The bottom on the body part is moss stitch.

I'm quite surprised at how much use I've gotten already out of a wool cardigan in the middle of summer. It's really warm but not too hot in the evenings :) Yay for superduper knits!

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Summer is still here. Drinking tea in a hot room was perhaps not the best idea lol. Anyways, here are some pics! I kinda like these everyday updates. Don't worry tho, yarny stuff to come soon!

 I finally pulled myself together and ordered my christmas present from Bokus. Better late than never lol. Thanks G! :) The left book is pretty boring but neccessary. I bought the middle one since I want to learn how to sew clothes (properly ;)) and then I just had to buy the mittens-book. It's really nice of them to make a pattern just for me! ;)

I made a smoothie today for the first time in ages. Bananas, blueberries and milk.

Enough for the both of us.

A week ago I went to Copenhagen with my mom and another tribe member. We saw an ATS-performance :) It was too hot and sunny so we didn't want to stand in front of the stage but there's a lot of moving around in ATS so it was still cool!

Them clothes <3

I love the summer. Please never end.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day of DIY # 63. Summer top.

Here's something I made in the beginning of summer. Finally some pics of it, with grand scenery :) This is my contribution to Fredrikas Sypepp (for the third time). This one's theme is sun. And this is a good top for sunny days! Pics of me taken by the bf.

A top made from an old duvet cover. And some (thrifted) yarnz.

I even made a pattern based on a top I really like. You might recognise the fabric from these and this. Duvet covers are really big... Lots of projects to be made from them 8)

The background is of course Iceland.

Since I didn't want to make proper straps (making them the same width and so forth, lazyness, coolness...) I crocheted a length of chains in a white cotton yarn and then pulled it through the tops of the pieces. I guess you understand what I mean even tho my english sewing vocabulary sucks ;P

This was the second and improved top. I might post the first one since I do use that one too.

I was really pleased with this top! It was super simple to make, perfect for a sewing beginner as myself. The fabric is old and worn making it really cool and perfect for summer :) I'll probably use it in the winter as well tho. The black skirt was a gift from my mom and it's also something I've worn all the time this summer.