Friday, August 31, 2012

Scotland # 2.

More vacation pics!

Pretty statue with a view over River Ness.

Timing it up!

War memorial. Feels weird seeing stuff like that coming from a "neutral" country. Yes, let's not get into that discussion ;)

Pretty view from a bridge in Inverness.

We took a trip to Drumnadrochit. I borrowed a rain coat from my mom that coincidentally matched my rain boots extremely well :S Lol.

Happyhappy! Look at that view :)

Went to Urquhart Castle. Pretty cool! And the sun was shining (part of the time ofc ;))


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Glitter and sparkle.

I thought I'd do a mani post in between my photo posts about Scotland. Here's a mani I had on before my vacation started.

Well whaddya know, it's A England and tape ;) The silver glitter is Merlin, two coats. It could have been another coat but I was a bit short for time. Then I added tape and a coat of Bridal Veil and some SV. This mani was a real party mani IMO :) A few dots and it could've been a tuxedo mani ;P


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Scotland # 1.

Yesterday when I was going through the pics from our trip to Inverness I realised there were quite a lot of nice ones. I managed to cut it down to 21 pics but that's still a lot so I'll split it into three posts. Nice and even ;)

Playing with the self timer at Copenhagen Airport.

Since they lost our luggage in Amsterdam (...) we went to a Tesco that was really close to our hotel to get some necesseties. Crazy store! Lots of candy ;)

The closest we got to trying Haggis. Mostly tasted pepper lol.

Apparently Scotland (and UK I guess?) have the smallest road signs ever! :S

Unicorn! Statue in Inverness.

In Inverness. Sunshine! We had sun, rain, clouds all in one day, everyday :P

Lots of churches in Inverness. Here's a pretty one.

Most pics taken by the bf :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sneak peak.

We got home from our vacation on saturday and have been chilling since. Today we're going to a thrift store and some other necessary stuff ;) I'm going to get some photos up as soon as I can from the trip. Until then...

... Fantasy Fire! And the best part is, I've got two of 'em. 8)


Friday, August 17, 2012


Today was my last day at work and tomorrow me and the bf are going to Scotland! We'll be gone a week :) I've painted my toes with Make Up Store - Britta and my fingers with Gosh - Holographic. I guess holo really is the vacation finish!

I hope you'll have a nice week and that I find lots of fun polishes and yarn over there ;D

Soup for the soul.

I'm gonna show you some pics so you understand why I love our new place. About 10 mins walk from where we live there's this great out doors museum (friluftsmuseum). No idea what you call that in english lol. Anyways it's got animals (that are old country species indigenous to my county), old houses, gardens, an old city centre (where you can buy old fashioned candy yum!) and an out door theatre (never seen anything there but it's pretty cool anyways) so of course I love the place!

House from the 1800's if I remember right. It has a lot of cool old stuff in it ;) Really pretty! Pic taken in april.

This one also from april is for my sister. She knows why.

To prove to you that we do have summer and green trees in Sweden ;) here's a pic from the end of may. Also a pic of my awesome icelandic sweater that I bought at a thrift store for 30 SEK. Yes, I am still blown away by it.

Here's a pic from this weekend. The cool dress is from the same thrift store as the sweater and it cost me maybe 20 SEK? Something like that :)

One of the pastures runs along my way to work so this week I've seen this little fella several times again :) Oh, and photos were take by the bf.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another criss cross.

When I make a mani I like, I want to try it with a lot of different color schemes. Here's another one, without rhinestones.

The base (light blue) color is Barry M - Cyan Blue. Love it! It's so easy to apply and dries fast :) Also super bright fun color. Then I used some striping tape and painted a coat of A England - Tristam. Which is like the best polish ever! :) And a coat of SV.

I really like my striping tape. I've used it a looot but I'm still only on my first roll (there were 10 or so for about 3-5 dollars) so that's gonna last me a life time :)

This week is my last at work. Then I've got two weeks of vacation before school starts again. Yay!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day of DIY # 11.

I found this tutorial on 365 Slöjd which is a really nice and craftsy site :) I decided I should make one for my photography interested bf!

Action sewing pic with awesome mani.

Stuffed with peas and some rice we didn't like. The bf helped.

I bought the fabric (a pillow casing) for 5-10 SEK at a thrift store. I like.

Need to make a trip to some place with uneven surfaces soon... ;)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Holo glass fleck.

Since I like rhinestones and tape... Well you all know the rest by now...

Base color: (and a better pic of) China Glaze - Ahoy!. A really pretty glass fleck. It's pretty similar to OPI - The Color Of Minnie. Which is nice since I only have that one in a mini bottle :)

I added tape, a pink rhinestone, A England - Ascalon + SV. I've used my A Englands a lot lately. But they're so darn nice! :> I thought this mani was pretty but I liked the first one a little more.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Green x 2.

This is what I wore on my mini vacation. Holo, seems to be the vacation finish :)

Two coats of China Glaze - Starboard, tape, A England - Dragon + SV. I like the combo creme + shimmer/holo :)



Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day of DIY # 10. A gift for the future.

The friend I visited this weekend is pregnant. So of course I had to make something for that little person. I've seen these mini blanket things with lots of strings and ribbons for babys. With different textures and sizes, fun to bite and grab :)

Everything except the yarny pieces is upcycled (and clean ofc! ;)) :)

An old duvet cover.

Doilies and a thrifted pillow casing. In between the two fabrics was a piece of towel to make it thicker.

I hope the baby will find it amusing when he or she gets here :)

Friday, August 3, 2012


I only make tape manis nowadays for nail art. I wish I had time/energy for at least a water marble but alas... But hey, tape aint so bad! :)

Two coats of China Glaze - Light As Air, tape, A England - Lady of the Lake + SV.

I'm going to use the polishes that were on the blog way back. Almost feels like they're new 8) If you want to see how much I've improved my photography (and how much better lens we have now..), here's the last time Light As Air was featured on my blog... :) Also I should make a full swatch of the Lady of the Lake.
Today I'm visiting a friend over the weekend. Yey mini vacation! :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Even more tape.

Another day, another tape mani... ;)

The first color (closest to my cuticles) is Milani - Hi-Tech. I then taped it off and added Color Club - Emerald Depths. Which looked more green over the holo than it really is. Last but not least, the black is A England - Bridal Veil. Plus SV of course.

I was a bit lazy on the other hand, but I think it looks nice as well :)