Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The (almost) first post

So there, I finally did it. A (new) blog. In english as well. This blog will be my personal space for uploading the works of my creativity which consists of knitting, crocheting and painting my nails (all the colors of the rainbow). I plan on learning how to sew as well since I have my very own sewing machine :)

This blog will probably contain photos that aren't very professional of things that could've been executed more professionally. However it will contain things that I like nonetheless. My other blog that I almost never write on anymore had a picture of a manicure as its first post which I find rather amusing since it was more than 4 years ago and I wasn't that into nailpolish. I will upload that picture into this post as a way of closing the circle. Enough of my rambling.

Yes I have a habit of painting all over my fingers, I find it somewhat charming even tho I don't do it nearly as much as I used to. To quote myself "it all goes away with a shower" haha :)

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