Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another subtle color.

Last time I went to H&M I accidentally bought 2 polishes. Like they just fell into my hands. I know, weird. Anywho, the first was a Disney polish called Daisy. I thought the bottle was cute and had a good price too. 29 SEK for 13 ml where the regular polishes are 39 SEK for 9 ml.

The application was good and it dried pretty fast :)

Very soothing, two coats.

 And then I thought another grey on top would look nice so I taped and painted on Depend 206 :)

Yesterday my best friend came home from 3 months in Spain. And also the sun is kinda sticking out. Happy day :) Toodels!

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  1. Looks really good with the dark grey over it! :)
    I tagged you with some awards! For more info visit my blog ;)