Friday, July 15, 2011


This is an old mani, from 6-7 months ago but I got to thinking about it and I might as well post it. The reason for the title is that the mani made me think of Heineken or Carlsberg bottles. The nailpolishes are Depend 191 and 225. I like Depend, they are so small and cute and you don't have to feel guilty for buying a lot of them. Haha :)

Then me and the roomie were bored in the middle of the night and the mani evolved.. :p

I actually took that off, maybe the nail art was too crazy for me then hehe. The mani that followed it (the same night) I might show you another day because it is still one of my favourites :)

I found a new blog to follow today and a new giveaway, or rather she has 4 of them :O The adress is:

I'm just going to drink my tea and then I'm off to take the train to a whole other city! Haha not as dramatic as it sounds, just going to the university (30 minutes away). Toodels!


  1. I like the colors very much! And welcome to the Blog-World! :)

  2. LOL thank you for mentioning me!!! <3