Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You were right, I did have to have this!

Today I'm gonna meet a friend who lives in the north of Sweden. I haven't seen her since october so it's gonna be fun :)

This is a color I'm actually wearing right now (altho slightly modified). It's H&Ms U Must Have This. I bought the polish a couple of months ago but haven't used it for a full mani until now. I love it!

One coat! Yey!

 This one shows the color a bit better.

Here it is again with the thing that's the reason I haven't been outside since sunday.. But today it's due so then I'm freeeeeee! 8) The summer course I've been taking is about the history of astrology, quite interesting actually :)

Before I applied this polish I cut my nails. I haven't quite gotten used to it yet. They look so small and cute now, haha. Like little blue M&Ms! :D Tomorrow I'll post what I did with the mani :) Toodels!


  1. Such a pretty color! Blue polishes are my weakness. :D

  2. Yeah I'm beginning to think I like them too since I've gotten some more lately :)