Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dorothy + hair.

When I had had Rodeo Fanatic on for about a day (which felt like three or so since I kept staring at my nails all the time...) I added two coats of CG - Dorothy Who?. Like! Altho the next time I use it I'll have a lighter blue underneath.

Blingbling 8)

I really liked it. And it wasn't hard to remove like I thought. I use a dip in remover from Depend if anyone wonders.

And also here it is with my new favorite ring. I think you understand why ;) I bought at the fair trade store for 30 SEK. I'm actually going to go back and buy a back up in case I loose this or something :>

And since I am sir Spams-A-Lot here is a new hairstyle I've learnt this week :)

The waterfall braid I learnt on youtube and the other one I just experimented into happening while watching Murdoch Mysteries 8)