Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Return of the swamp thing!

I was thinking that I should do more nail art. So it was fitting that the next pix in line were of a tape mani.

This is H&M Blue My Mind with U Must Have This on the tips. I don't have a photo of just Blue My Mind since I smudged it before I could take photos :/ Anyways you've probably seen it before.

My skin looks a bit sad, sorry :P Blue My Mind is a color that I picked up in the store several times without buying it. So when my roomie bought it I wasn't too upset ;) The weird thing about it that it applies like a holo, with bald spots and dragging if you do more strokes :S I guess it's the brush that's weird and not the polish?

Altho it looks a bit gross, this pic is so funny I have to post it. Lol. Yes, that is an avocado on my face.

Now I have to study a bit before school.

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