Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cosy weekend.

Yesterday I did a water marble but I have been too lazy to clean it up and take photos of it so that'll have to wait :p But I have been out walking in the woods two days in a row. We have a forest really close, it's pretty nice. Like the Sherwood forest :D On friday I was there with a girl from my class and yesterday me and the bf went for a stroll (1,5 hour stroll!). :) He brought his camera and took some photos.

This was supposed to be a jump photo but the timing was off :P

The sun was out.

We found some friends in a meadow. A lot of them were pregnant, maybe we get to see some babies if we go back soon :)

And a little stream.

Perhaps I go for a walk today as well. The sun is still shining :)

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