Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A couple of new friends.

I've been thinking I shouldn't buy that many polishes in the stores and instead order online. But sometimes you see something that you really like, or that is on sale 8)

From the left: Kicks - Candy Gal, Isadora - Bordeaux Red & Bridal Rose, Depend - 262 & 259. The Isadoras were only 20 SEK each at Ica Maxi :>

I kind of fell in love after seeing Alizarine Claws swatches :) This is Depend - 259.

I really like that it dries to a weird finish 8) Also the application and drying time was really nice.

Why does time move faster in the morning? :O Need to get ready for school.


  1. oooo that's really pretty, and the color looks great with your skin tone!

  2. Thanks :) It's really nice when the polish meets your expectations!