Saturday, October 8, 2011

Found some new friends.

Quick post today. I'm going to Copenhagen with my best friend today :) Gosh here I come! Lol. Anyways, I was looking through some stuff in a cupboard and found two nail polishes, win! And then I bought a gold polish when I was out and about with a friend.

Isadora - Galaxy, I have no idea who bought this, it's from my mom's house. The gold polish is H&M - 70s Boho, I needed a gold polish, it was only 29 SEK and look at the cute bow! 8) And Sally Hansen - Hope Frost which I bought in NYC seven years ago and had forgotten about. Hi Duane Reade! Lol.

Sally Hansen - Hope Frost. Two coats, nice drying time.

I liked this pinkish frosty color. Isn't free polish fun? :P

Time to get ready! Toodels!


  1. Vad söt flaskan till det guldiga var, påminner väldigt mycket om Ciates lackflaskor!

  2. Ja visst var den :) Ciates har jag nog inte sett hur de ser ut. Fanns en lila och en röd likadan på H&M iaf.