Friday, December 30, 2011


Still sick but here's some polish anyways.

One (woho) coat of H&M - On Ice. I like. It's a really light pastelly blue.

Lookit, the adorable bottle :) Too bad I didn't get my hands on the other one.

Then I thought "hey, I don't play with my crackles enough. I have 5 of 'em and 5 fingers on this hand. Why not try 'em all?" So I did. Which was a fail since I forgot I own 6 crackles lol. But the one I forgot is a white one so it wouldn't have been much fun anyways. From left to right: Isadora - Black Tag, Subway Green, Masterpiece Pink, Depend - 5010 & 5002. And a coat of TC on top. Sorry the photo is out of focus... Anyways, I liked this mani, twas fun!

Now heal me tea!


  1. One coat! Wow! It's a really pretty shade :-)

  2. Nu ångrar jag mig bittert över att jag inte köpte det här när det var på rea för 10kr flaskan...

    Gott nytt år!

  3. Bambi is so cute! I love all your crackles! Awesome! They look great with that base color!