Sunday, January 8, 2012

Difficult colors.

I only had 2 more Color Clubs to swatch (except Si Vous Please but I don't think I'll use that as a full mani so...). These were annoying to photograph!

Three coats of Color Club - Power Play. This isn't at all what it looks like but it was the closest photo. The color gave the camera a seizure or something. The color is almost like it is on the bottle in the pic but brighter.

 This is three coats of Color Club - Flamboyant. The color is a reddish pink. Or a pinkish red... I'll sort it as pink tho :P It's pretty but next time I think I'll layer it over black or something.



  1. My camera has the hardest time with purples! Grrrrr

  2. That purple is awesome!

  3. I guess it's because it's neon. But it's a nice color :)