Thursday, January 12, 2012


I'm moving ahead of my pics to post day 11 of the 14 day challenge which is glitter nails. I'm sorry my photos don't do these pretty polishes justice. Also I had to take down my nails since I got a crack really far up on one of them. Ah well. It's kinda nice with nubs too :) But the lenghts will vary a bit now since I have more pics from before I shortened them.

Three coats of China Glaze - Some Like It Haute from the Eye Candy collection.

It's a mix of fine grey glitter with larger pieces in different colors. Next time I use it I think I'll layer it over black for a darker effect. Application was nice and easy and removal wasn't too bad either :)

Three coats of China Glaze - Atlantis. Zomg, so pretty! It's a blueish green base with lots of glitter and it sparkles in different colors :)

No problems with application with this one either but removal was worse. I guess that's because it's got bigger glitter particles or something. Still love it tho! :D

Next up is half moons. Too bad I don't have any of those hole reinforcement things. Anyone in Sweden even seen those? I've looked in several stores :/

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