Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nudity - the state of wearing no clothing.

Nudity = the state of wearing no clothing. That's what it said on wiki lol. Ofc I am wearing something here, my nails are just pretending to be naked! ;)

This is two coats of Isadora - Amphora. Pretty name and kind of pretty polish :P It's not mannequin hands but I still call it nude. It might be for someone else lol. I bought it at Ica Maxi for 20 SEK. Normal application and drying time.

This is two coats of E.L.F. - Innocent. This is more nude for me. I liked it but it felt a bit weird since this is like the first time I'm wearing nude polishes. Anyways this is a good underwear polish I think. Too bad it wasn't a one coater!

Today I've been at my mom's house to do some tie dying and eat dinner. My hands are all sore from the tying but the results came out nice :) I'm going there again tomorrow to do another color so I'll take some pics of the finished results then! I also got to borrow a "dying cauldron" (I have no idea what that's called in english lol) so I can dye at my own place! :D I have to explore the internet side of dyes now :D

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