Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tired and hair.

My blog is suffering from me being so tired this week. I've changed my mani once this week (zomg!) but I thought I'd share some hair since that was a while. I like hair! 8)

I don't know why I look a bit crazy. Maybe I was pumped up about going to work out :P The hair is a little messy since I had worn it all day but it's a nice do :) If you want to learn how to do it there's always youtube! :)

A french braid on each side of my head and then connected into a single braid. Really comfortable hair style since it keeps all the shorter layers, my former side cut and my "bangs" out of the way! :)

Before I went to Uppsala I wanted to see how long my hair was straightened since my sister was gonna cut it for me. It took me 25-30 minutes and it's not very straight but you can see the length at least :P Oh and ignore the bald spot lol. I only took off about 5 cm so it's still pretty long but looks a lot healthier! :)

I'll have some nails soon and a tag as well :)


  1. Really nice braids, I especially like the first one.

  2. Wow! You have gorgeous hair and I'm loving the 1st braid! It would take me years to grow my hair that long now, hahaha!

    1. Thank you! I didn't intend on growing it out when I began I was just lazy about getting a cut :P But then I liked it :)