Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just for you yanks.

When I posted my previous Trefoil symbol (yes I read that on wiki lol) in a polish group on Facebook this guy said something about a yellow and magenta version. When I found it on wiki I had to try and make another one like that as well :) It's the U.S. version of the radioactive hazard symbol.

Here's what it's supposed to look like.

Here's my version. It wasn't at all as red, the camera freaked out... The yellow is Viva La Diva - 51. On the pinky finger I started out with Color Club - Raspberry Rush since that was the closest color I had to the picture. Unfortunately the yellow base changed it and made it more pink. So I switched to Color Club - Power Play (which is reeeaally hard to photograph...) It's a purple neon. SV to smooth everything out.

On my left hand I decided to do a leopard using the same colors since I don't have a crackle in a similar color.

It was a fun and cute mani at least :)



  1. The trefoil symbol is awesome! Well done! And I love that you mixed it up and did a leopard on the other hand, very cool!

  2. Cool leopard-look! Får man önska? Isf vill jag ha en Kruto-hand och en Miso-hand :D Tummen kan ha ett litet ansikte, som kuposarna!

    1. Haha åh gulligt. Ja varför int ;D