Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A VNL solution.

The Lighthouse from my earlier post was still not opaque after three coats. And doing four coats of polish, no... So you add something. And since I've been rhinestone-crazy lately aaand you have to apply them on wet polish so it's so easy to just slap 'em on and call it a day ;)

I did my right hand first as usual and put the stones on to hide mah visible nail line. And some SV that pooled up behind the stones. Meh.

I didn't really like the first hand so I placed them like this on my left hand. Much better. And what do you know, I got some cat eyes on my nails all of a sudden. And I do love 'em cats! Mine had yellow eyes as well :)

I promise I've done some other nail art manis as well lol.


  1. Well, the right hand doesn't look bad but I love the left hand! I was thinking of cat eyes too :D

  2. Just found your blog! This is an awesome idea!