Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day of DIY # 2.

I thought it was time for some more DIY. And like I said it will be foodz 8)

I have a sensitive scalp and have been thinking that I should be nice to it so when my hair felt a bit dry I decided to make a hair mask myself. The natural way :) Turkish yoghurt, coconut oil, honey and lime. Mixed it and applied it with a food brush lol. I've only used it once but I should do it again to see if I get some nice results lol. Anyways it smells really nice :)

A monday while making dinner I felt the need to bake :S I like sponge cakes so I made one but wanted to mix it up so I added berries I had in the freezer, lime juice and fresh peppermint. Yum!

I fell in love with this idea so me and the bf made some tea as a gift :) Here's a pic of apple and lime peels drying in the oven.

Sewing tea bags lol.

They turned out really cute! It's a nice and personal gift and fun to do as well :)

Last but not least we made this lemon merengue pie but with a cheesecake bottom (crushed Digestive crackers) instead of the pie. Deeeelish! Need to make that one again... Drool.

Been making something tasty lately?
Also, some of these fancy pics were taken by the bf. He's sneaking around back stage on this blog :)


  1. I'd say you have a sneaky bf! ;)

    Vilka fina tepåsar! Och den där pajen ser ju inte dålig ut :o

    1. Du den ska jag bjuda dig på nån gång :)

  2. Such a nice idea with the tea bags :D And omg girl! I'm hungry now :D Especially the lemon pie looks so awesome!