Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gorgeous green.

Here's the last of the A Englands that I got from the bf. Don't worry though, according to my mailbox, three more are on their way. Oops. Well they were 30% off :)

This is two coats of A England - Saint George + SV. Flash pic. This is soooo pretty!

I love that these are really pretty without the holo as well since you know, this is Sweden and whatnot. Can't depend all that much on the sun ;)

But we got some this weekend! :) I'm so glad I got these polishes!



  1. Really beautiful! Such a gorgeous color ;) It#s on my wishlist now :D

    1. Yeah I love it! Hope you get to order it soon then ;D

  2. Haha I think that sale got a few of us! And looking at this, I really hope I was clever enough to put this one in the basket too -- absolutely stunning!