Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I thought I should write up a post since we have internet now. The wireless internet is making some fuss so I'm at the bf's comp so no nail pics today. We've been in the new apartment for 10 days and I've painted my nails twice since we got here (zomg). But my new room is (kind of...) in order now so I'll probably paint them tomorrow :) I've got 5 days off from the internship so I'll have plenty of time :D

I like having pics in my posts so here's one the bf took of me and a cute black cat on his birthday. I like this pic, especially since I know I got to cuddle a little with the cat after it was taken ;)

Now I shall do some window shopping on the intarwebz and perhaps even buy something 8)
Toodels ya'll!

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