Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day of DIY # 4.

I've liked bracelets for a long time. My left wrist has only been completely naked for a couple of months in the last 8 years. I remember that summer making some bracelets at a friend's place. She taught me how to knot bracelets again since I had forgotten. Since then, I've always had something on there. Here are two bracelets that I made recently. Photos by bf.

I found this tutorial from HonestlyWTF (check it out, they have great DIYs!) I didn't have any really thick twine so I doubled some I bought at TGR. I got the hex nuts from the bf.

After that one I wanted to make another one with thicker twine so I made two braids and had one strand with two threads. I also made the hex nuts a bit more evenly spaced. These took me about 10-15 minutes to make :) I only need to find some better way to tie them since the bf can't always be around to tie them for me lol. The rainbow-bracelet in the background is also a DIY ;)

This pic is completely blurry and what not, but I found it and thought it fit in this post anyways. It was taken in 2005 or 2006 and it's what my left wrist looked like at the time. Since I thought it was fun to take a trip down Memory Lane, here are some other old pics I found of my bracelets. Enjoy ;p

Here's another blurry one for ya, from June 2007. That there in the background is my graduation dress that my mom made for me. It's awesome, I'm really sad I grew out of it...

July 2009.

January 2011. The red, white and black one was still going strong. I really liked that one. My mom bought it for me at the Fair Trade store.

December 2011. Enter rainbow.

Well there you have it. This post turned out longer than I had intended lol. But it was fun making it. I'm suddenly feeling the urge to make some new bracelets ;D And since I'm home with a cold I just might.

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