Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stony black.

Here's a new (old) polish that I got as a gift :)

Two coats of Gosh - Flint. The brush had a really square top and the polish was a bit thick, but other than that I had no problem with application. And the thickness is probably because it's an old polish.

I like the old bottle :) It's a pretty almost black grey or greyish black, however you want to see it ;)

Thanks for commenting on my previous post and letting me know my blog is up again :) I'm going to try and have more posts up, I've got some brand new DIYs among other things. I just started working full time this week at my internship so I'm a bit tired. But at least this time around I get paid ;)


  1. Haha shake your moneymaker (dvs hjärnan :p) fniss fniss. Har du något fantabulous planerat till den stora festen, på naglarna alltså?

    1. Haha eller hur. Hmm jag har inte tänkt på det än faktiskt. Men jag borde ju göra nåt tjusigt!