Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day of DIY # 5.

I have a new to me word for ya'll: PLARN (plastic yarn)! I feel like I'm growing in all this DIYing. I find myself reading about something and wanting to try it asap. When I visited my sister we talked about plarn and I said it would be fun to make something. 'Twas agreed upon that I would make her a rug since the floor of her balcony is super cold. Said and done, when I got home I started right away.

I made plarn by cutting strips out of various plastic bags. I cut up the sides so it made one big piece of plastic. Then I cut the bag into strips by starting in one end and cutting along the sides. So I ended up with one cohesive ball of plarn. If that makes sense lol.

I crocheted the strips with a size 10 needle I bought on eBay.

And here's the finished result. I put a bottle of nail polish in there for size reference. It was a fun project but I got a bit tired since I first had to make the plarn and then crochet it. It's stiffer than real yarn but as long as I rested my hands it was fine :) I'm going to make one for our balcony as well!

I really like that you can take all those plastic bags you're not going to use and make something pretty and usable. Re-use, reduce, recycle fo shizzle ;)

I also submitted this to swedish blogger HH Jaja who has a summer challenge that's all about re-using :) This one was for june but I've got some in store for july as well :) Check it out!


  1. Like like like, my feet are now protected from the nasty concrete floor, and oh so pretty! :D

  2. Å vad fint! En sån vill jag också göra någon gång, jag måste bara komma på någonstans att ha den först.

    1. Tack :) Balkongen är ju ett givet ställe. Annars vet jag inte riktigt :P