Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day of DIY # 6.

"Strandfyndet" (something you find on the beach) was another theme in HHJaja's summer challenge (for July). I already had stuff for this since when I was at my sisters place. One day we went to the beach for a walk and picnic and I collected some shells.

I got this big jar from my mom a while ago. I didn't have a plan for it when I got it but when I had collected these shells I thought it could make a cool lantern. I poured some rice in first to make a larger bottom and then placed the shells and three candles.

From the top.

The jar made a perfect holder for this other big candle :)

Here they are together in our bedroom, in front of our new wallpaper! :)

I also made a fridge magnet out of one piece :) (And one out of nail polish and striping tape ;))

All the candle photos taken by my lovely photographer and bf :*


  1. Så fint det blev! Rolig idé att göra en magnet av ostronskalet också :D

    1. Ja jag var ju faktiskt inspirerad av lyktan ni har där hemma :) Har tänkt göra lite fler roliga magneter, tråkigt med såna svarta bara. Dessutom har jag ju K på kylen och har kan ju inte sitta uppe med nåt fult! ;D

  2. I thought about doing my room in a beach theme, and this jar would be perfect for it! Thanks for sharing :D

  3. fin ljuslykta! bra ide med kylskåpsmagneterna

  4. Fin, dramatisk stämning det blev med ljuslyktan! Härliga strandfynd!!