Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day of DIY # 9.

I made this about a month ago, but now it's perfect to blog about it since I can fit on more in HHJaja's summer challenge for July :)

These were the supplies. Two t-shirts the bf didn't use anymore. But he liked the prints and asked if I could use them for a shopping bag. Since t-shirt fabric might not be all that for that particular purpose I made lining (foder?) with a pillow case that I got from a friend a few years back.

One side.

The other side.

And if you're feeling playful you can turn it inside out and use it like this. Cost for this project: 0. I like.

Action pic! ;)



  1. vad påhittig du är, snygg!

  2. Kul att du börjat sy! Mina namnlappar kommer från Det finns många andra leverantörer också, men jag är nöjd med mina. Enkelt att beställa och det har aldrig krånglat med leveransen. Brukar ta ca 2 veckor.