Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Scotland # 1.

Yesterday when I was going through the pics from our trip to Inverness I realised there were quite a lot of nice ones. I managed to cut it down to 21 pics but that's still a lot so I'll split it into three posts. Nice and even ;)

Playing with the self timer at Copenhagen Airport.

Since they lost our luggage in Amsterdam (...) we went to a Tesco that was really close to our hotel to get some necesseties. Crazy store! Lots of candy ;)

The closest we got to trying Haggis. Mostly tasted pepper lol.

Apparently Scotland (and UK I guess?) have the smallest road signs ever! :S

Unicorn! Statue in Inverness.

In Inverness. Sunshine! We had sun, rain, clouds all in one day, everyday :P

Lots of churches in Inverness. Here's a pretty one.

Most pics taken by the bf :)


  1. Var det chips med haggissmak? :s Haha @ vägskyltarna :D

    1. Haha ja. De hade ganska mycket roliga chips :) Kanske inte goda men.. :P