Saturday, September 1, 2012

Scotland # 3.

The last of the vacation pics.

We took a train to Nairn. Taking pics with self timer and a tele zoom lens like a baws!

Walked over to the beach. Really nice sandy beach. Although it didn't seem all that warm in the water :p

We do like the self timer ;)

Another pretty view from a bridge.

On our way back.

Back in Inverness. This cat was chilling at a garden supply store. He was cute and cuddly!

Sometimes the bf thinks I'm crazy. Mwahaha! In my defense, some of the things were gifts... :> Look at my new knitting needles in the right corner. Sooo pretty :D

There you have it folks. It was a great trip :) I thought I was going to find a lot of loose leaf tea but it seems that's not very popular in Scotland. I bought some tea bags anyways :>

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