Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day of DIY # 15.

Here's some upcycling/återbruk for Klockarbarns challenge again. Altho I am a day late, oops.

First up is a cake stand made from an old plate and a candle holder. I found these at my granddads.

This plate is so pretty! And yes the crumbles on it are from some cookies, hey I gotta use it right? ;)

I've also made a mini plastic rug from plarn.

This waste bin was rusting on the floor so I needed to put it on something. I thought it turned out nice :) And the rug you see in the reflection is one I made about 2 years ago for our first apartment. I think I should make a post with the stuff I made before I started blogging soon!

First two pics taken by the bf. He's actually the one that did the glueing on the cake stand! <3


  1. Perfekt med matta under sophinken (hoppas jag)! Jag har en liknande i ett skåp, men den ska flyttas nu. :)

    1. Har inte lyft för att kolla men jag tror det funkar bra :P

  2. Haha nu förstår jag varför du aldrig har tid att spela ;) Tycker definitivt att du ska blogga om gamla verk också! :D

    1. Jag ska även skriva min kandidatuppsats denna terminen... :P

  3. Replies
    1. Ja jag får köra en med gamla godingar!