Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day of DIY # 16 the old stuff.

Here's a post with some stuff I did before the blog.

This is a dress I made in april 2010. It was a total upcycling project! :) And I wasn't even all that into it back then :) This one is an old pic from when I'd just made it.

The big skull and straps + back is from a tote bag that I made in the 8th or 9th grade. The little skulls are from a t-shirt. And the skirt part is from one of my mom's old dresses.

And the back. When I ask the bf what I should wear for a party he always says "the skull dress" 8) But it needs some altering so I've only worn it a few times. Still, it's pretty darn cool!

I knitted this for my sister around may 2010. The horse pattern is from a Hönsestrik book :)

This is a bathroom rug I crocheted around june/july 2010. The colors are a bit more vibrant IRL.

I knitted this pillow casing around jan/feb 2011. I'd gotten a really great yarny book from my mom for christmas and was trying all sorts of new to me techniques. When I was done I realized I could've just knitted 4 rows with 4 squares in each to make it easier to assemble. And also that wasn't done very thoroughly. But still, it's one of the things I've actually finished lol.

2010 was the year I got into the creative stuff for real. I kinda need to finish the stuff I started on back then. Maybe this year, yes? ;)


  1. Haha den där klänningen är cool, förstår varför A vill att du ska ha den :D Wiee min mössa, jag hade den faktiskt i stallet i fredags :o (och på jobbet i onsdags så oroa dig inte det har inte blivit en stallmössa :p)

    1. Att bli stallmössa är väl inte fy skam? Särskilt inte när det är hästar på ;) Men bra att du använder den! :)