Monday, October 15, 2012

Day of DIY # 17.

I don't have anything very special today for Klockarbarns upcycling/återbruks-challenge and nothing pink either. But I have made something from old stuff anyways so... I'll include another bigger finished (omg!) product as well.

I bought this tea in Scotland. But I didn't really know what dandelion or burdock tasted like lol. Found out it tastes like liquorice. Which I love, but not in tea :/ What to do! Smells good anyways so...

... I made these little bags. Like lavender-bags (don't know what that's called in english tho) that you put with your clothes so they smell good. These don't have any pest-repelling qualities but nice smell aint so bad? ;) The fabric is an old duvet cover. I made some more with other kinds of tea as well. And gave most of them away. It's a cute gift I think :)

I just have to include this pic since I think it's pretty funny. And upcycled as well ;) Make do with what you have I say! (I'll blog about that creation later)

Also here is something I finished in june but have forgotten to blog about. Another neck warmer with domino squares. It's pretty long as you can see from my pretty model.

I've only used it 2-3 times, which is kind of a shame since I rarely finish stuff... But it's a bit narrow for my windy city. And I already have an awesome neck warmer. It's time will come tho :)

To make it a bit wider I crocheted an edge all around it. It's made from 5 different yarns and knitted with 2 of 'em at a time to make it thicker.


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