Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day of DIY # 20. Nature friendly cleaning.

Here's an addition to my mother nature post. You all know by now I like to make stuff and these I've made inspired by my mom. She's the craftiest person I know! Since I want to use less disposable things, home made dish clothes were only some yarn away ;) Mom uses these so that's how I came up with the idea. They may look a bit weird, but they get the job done :)

Here's the first one I made. It kinda looks like a fin lol. I experimented a bit with knitting needle sizes for this one so it's a bit wonky.

Then I made this one, which kind of looks like a piece of clothing or something. Some more experimenting done here, but with different amounts of thread. These first two were made with flax and cotton/flax strands.

Then I tried one with bamboo (the dark blue), flax, cotton/flax and cotton. The bamboo is just too soft tho to just be in a dish cloth :P (recognise Keymaster in the top?)

Here's the latest made with cotton/flax and flax yarns. Also for this one I didn't experiment so much lol.

When they get dirty or smelly we just throw them in with the rest of our laundry. I reckon they'll be good for several years :) Oh, and almost all of the cotton/flax and flax yarns were thrifted :)


  1. FYI, we've used knitted dish cloths for about 20 years. Yepp, thoroughly tested.

    1. Haha jaha :) Det var iaf de blåa som fick mig att tänka på det!

  2. Hahaha! Jag gillar att du även lade upp de mindre symmetriska versionerna :D Den sista blev ju riktigt fin!

    1. Haha ja men man kan ju se min progress :) Hade ju inte varit så kul att bara lägga upp en haha ;)