Thursday, November 15, 2012

One of the dupes.

If you're a nail nerd you probably know about the Peridot craze from a while back. And if you don't well, Chanel made a polish called Peridot that everyone went crazy about (and that's also crazy expensive like all of their polishes...). And then other brands made dupes since it was so popular. I have one of them.

This is two coats of Kicks - Evening at Chateau Marmont over Gina Tricot - Petrol + a coat of SV. I bumped the index finger boo. Anyways, it looks like some cool greenish brass.

I've used this polish twice and I can say that I get it. It's really pretty. Altho it's really sheer so you need to layer it.

This autumn/winter thing is really cramping my photo style. I want light again!


  1. Åh, jag är så ledsen över att jag aldrig köpte det här. Underbart snyggt över blå bas. :)

    1. Har de inte kvar det i sortimentet? Tänkte det skulle vara kul att testa det över en ljusare färg också :)