Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pretty paper.

Most christmasses (yes that is a word? lol) in my life have been set to the tunes of one record. It's kind of a big deal. No christmas without Willie! I made these nails and while listening to the record on Spotify realized that they fit perfectly for one of the songs.

This is a total A England mani. (I have a problem lol) The cross is Merlin (silver glitter) and from the left: Tristam, Saint George, Lady of the Lake & Perceval + SV to smooth it out. I used striping tape for this one.

Like little presents on my nails! That's what I was going for anyways.

Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue
Wrap your presents to your darling from you
Pretty pencils to write "I love you"
Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue

Yay for christmas manis! :D


  1. Vad gulligt, det ser verkligen ut som små presenter :)

    1. Tack :) Hade ju kunnat ha några rosetter också men jag är inte så bra på att frihanda.