Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day of DIY # 25. Pants.

Today I have a tutorial for you guys. It's also my contribution to Husmorsskolans Syförening. I present to you: how to make (bad) softie pants! ;) (I have no idea what you call mjukisbyxor in english. It's a pair of pants you wear around the house that are really comfortable)

Step 1: just draw a shape on some fabric. I used an old duvet cover. Don't worry about making them exactly the same. Also, don't worry about having a butt and making allowance for that in the pattern.

Step 2: miscalculate everything so you end up with a pair of tight pants. Take a pic of yourself and have yourself a good laugh.

Step 3: add an extra strip of fabric to both sides so you can actually fit inside the pants. Also, just zigzag all the seams so it doesn't hold up very well.

Step 4: wear your weirdlooking pants with pride!

Lol. I actually learned from my mistakes and made a pair of pants the right (albeit sloppy) way.

Take a pair of softie pants you like and trace from them. Front and back.

I miscalculated (this is why I prefer yarn lol, less thinking!) so I had to add a bit in the sides at the top but otherwise these turned out okay. The fabric is really thin but I thought it was a practising exercise so they don't have to last forever.

I hope you liked this super serious post! ;) Let me know if you try my tutorial, I'd love to see pics! (lol)


  1. Haha funny! But the result is fine!

  2. Slacks! And also LOL åt din version nummer ett när de blev för tighta :D :D

    1. Juste! Haha asså jaa jag skrattade ganska mkt. Tur att jag bara syr i skruttyger annars hade jag aldrig sytt :P

  3. Roliga bilder men slutversionen riktigt gullig!