Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pretty polish, funny name.

I'm in a nail polish group on Facebook and a woman there helped me get ahold of this polish and two others :) Yey! I had a hard time photographing it tho :/

A bit blurry but it shows the color at least. This is two coats of Wet'n'Wild - Teal of Fortune, but I should've done three.

It's a pretty shimmery sparkly teal :)

I have a lot of new polishes so I'll have to get cracking on swatching them. 
Also, the bf totally surprised me and came home two days earlier than I thought! :) What a sneaky boy! :D But it made me reeeaaally happy :) He's the best.


  1. Så det är därför det inte har hörts ett pip ifrån dig. Hade resan gått bra?