Friday, February 15, 2013

Day of DIY # 32. Mending.

Not all DIYs are extravagant or cute. But if you want to keep your cool stuff and save the environment, you need to be able to fix stuff. Also, grown up points!

This was the bfs shorts before his trip to India. His other pair is... well I thought he should look purdy over there! ;)

Behold! I now know how to fix jeans. Let's think of it as a cool detail to the pants.

 This backpack was my sisters and I've had it since like 2006. It was not this happy IRL.

But now it has this cool scar!

And my most worn piece was missing two buttons...

And had a frayed sleeve.

Booyah! This one is good for at least -6 degrees. Who needs a jacket.

I still have some stuff left to fix but I made a dent in the list :)


  1. Åh klart att kånken förtjänar kärlek! Blev ju riktigt snyggt med jeanslagningen :)

    1. Ja den kommer hålla i många år till :) Tack!

  2. På den gamla hemmafrutiden brukade man ha "lagningspartyn". Värdinnan ställde fram sin lagningskorg och alla jobbade, sedan blev de bjudna på något gott.

    1. Smart! Det var (med en hel del undantag ;)) bättre förr.