Thursday, February 7, 2013

Grey + orange.

Here's a mani loosely inspired by this one from The Nailasaurus, and colorwise from a mani I saw like 2 years ago but have no idea what that blog was called... Anyways! :p

The base is one coat of China Glaze - Riveting (which I would've added a second to if I wasn't going to cover it) then I added striping tape and A England - Ascalon + SV. I think I like the index and ring finger designs best :)

A bit blurry. Booh I want sunshine!

Coincidentally I got this polish from G for christmas which is really similar to Riveting. I guess we have the same taste :) This is two coats of Sephora - Sunrise on the Moon. Sadly, these kinds of red orange make my winter pale skin look even paler. So nail art is kind of a must!

I've been keeping to my trying to make more nail art the past couple of weeks :)


  1. Men rackarns vilken nagelkonst här är! Jag som inte ens kan måla ett lager vanligt nagellack snyggt. Sägs att övning ger färdighet... ;) Tack för dina fina ord om mina sydda kläder!

    1. Tack du :) Övning men också väldigt mkt tape! :D