Saturday, March 16, 2013

Smoothies part 1.

I haven't really been in a blogging mood lately. Also, I've painted my nails twice the past week. Plain colors, no nail art. But I have some old material just waiting to be blogged about. Since I love smoothies, I've been meaning to do some posts about that. It might also make me try even weirder combos heh. This is part one with two smoothies.

This fall we wanted to branch out with our cooking and bought some pumpkins. This is a butternut squash. First time be bought one we used it for soup (yum). I also saw a recipe for pumpkin smoothie, so I wanted to try that!

Follow these instructions and get the pumpkin puree. Pretty!

I'm not 100% sure what I put in it but I'm guessing a banana, 2 ice cubes, milk and the puree. Oh and some cinnamon. A different tasting smoothie, but yummy!

Here's a pretty green one. We had some baby spinach leaves left over so I thought why not throw it in my smoothie? This one was my regular with 2 peach halves, a banana, milk, 2 ice cubes and juice from one orange. Plus the spinach. Which didn't leave any taste, just made it healthier :)

Any smoothie tips? What's your favorite one?


  1. Jag åt pumpakompott med ingefära på brödet imorse. Mmm, jättegott men lite väl löst att ha som marmelad.

    1. Oj det låter spännande! Var det köpe? Har inte sett nåt sånt i affären.