Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day of DIY # 39. Body butter.

Like I've mentioned in previous posts (here and here) I try to use as little chemicals and weird stuff as I can (except you know, for polish..). Anyways, I've been meaning to expand these things to more areas. I started looking at what I use and if I could make it myself instead. I bring you: body butter! :) I got the idea from this recipe. I didn't follow it exactly tho.

I bought some stuff from this site. Ordered on a sunday and got the package the following tuesday so they were really fast :) For this body butter I used shea butter (from the site), coconut oil and rapeseed oil.

Melt the solid oils with the liquid. Seems vattenbad is called double boiling in english..? Anways, do that :p

Then I put it on the balcony for an hour or so to cool off and solidify (is that a word?) a bit.

Whip it until it's buttery and fluffy :)

Congratulations you have body butter!

I really like this body butter. I didn't use any fragrance so basically it's edible lol. Which means I use it on my lips as well. It has a faint coconut smell. It is a bit oily but that doesn't bother me, and it absorbs into the skin pretty quickly so. I will be making this again :)
Oh and the paper in the background is for some different green recipes :) I have a lot of products left to try and make!


  1. Shit vad sugen jag blev nu, slängde raskt iväg en liten beställning på diverse fetter, lite teatree och annat. Här ska kladdas! Tack för tipset!

  2. Jag samlar burkar. Jag har ett par i glas med metallock, bara att hämta.

  3. Hmm, blev allt lite sugen på att blanda ihop nått liknande :) Min hud tycker att sheasmör är det bästa som finns, den skulle nog bli glad över nån kul hemmablandning

    1. Ja det tror jag allas hud skulle bli :) Kan man franka nagellack så kan man väl franka hudkräm! ;D

  4. Vad spännande! Synd att vi inte bor närmre så att jag kan prova.. Den där sidan hade ju ekologiska bomullsrondeller också = win!

    1. Du kan prova nästa gång du kommer hit!