Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day of DIY # 45. Baby gifts.

I've had a really busy week + my awesome weekend = not much on ye old blog. Also a lot of the stuff I've been working on lately has been gifts. But now they've been handed over to their rightful owners and can take their place here.

The one with the flower was for my niece lil G and the other one was for the one that's still in my other sisters stomach. Get over here!!! ;) Since these babies are a quarter icelandic I thought they should have a bit of the blue, red and white ribbon my dad bought me in the old country. All the supplies were gifted or thrifted. OMG that was a great rhyme! If I ever start a store I should call it that. Or maybe name a lable on the blog thusly... Interesting.

Anyways... These are the same as this one with the addition of a little bell in each, courtesy of a tribe member. Booyah! :)
My photography interested (if you hadn't already figured that out lol) bf took this pic.

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