Wednesday, July 3, 2013

...and nails to match.

It's been a while... Well here are some nails!

 I made this mani to match the dress I wore for the wedding we attended this past weekend.

It's the same technique as this one. The base is one coat of H&M - U Must Have This. Probably should've done two coats to avoid the little bald spots but I didn't have that much time. The dark blue is my trusted nail arty polish China Glaze - First Mate. Used in at least 7 nail arts on this blog. Woop woop! I added a yellow rhinestone before I slapped on some SV. Done!

And a pic to show you how well this matched my dress. Like really well I would say! My mom bought this dress and it shrunk a bit when she washed it = free dress for me! It's a good thing for me my mom has such great taste :)

Alas, now my nails are naked again. And so shall they remain until next week when I have the entire weekend off, including friday! Bring on the nail polish!