Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer nails.

I had the weekend off, and with my work schedule that was almost 4 days off. I painted my nails.. once. But hey, it's something at least! I've been neglecting my blog a lot. I wish it was because I've been super busy doing stuff but mostly it's been work or being tired after work.. It'll get better when I go to Iceland :)

 It's kind of weird picking what you wanna wear after two weeks of naked nails. Pressure! I went for holo since it was sunny :)

The insanely holo pink is three coats of Make Up Store - Britta (super pretty and with a name that is special to me :)) and on the thumb is also A England - Ascalon. The ring finger is two-three coats of Milani - Digital and the darker pink is China Glaze - 108 Degrees.

In the shade. Striping tape in my <3

Also, I can't wait to get happier cuticles! :p

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