Sunday, November 3, 2013


I think the main purpose of this blog is to document and help me remember. The stuff I make is there in the flesh or in pictures but the no poo stuff isn't always as documented. So here's a hairy update. The last 4-5 hair washes has been with honey since the season for itchy scalp is upon us (sigh!). Anyways, it works pretty well and my scalp feels good. The funny thing I've noticed with the honey wash is that my hair looks better the day after I've washed it. Kinda like the natural oils have sunken in a bit. I've also been combing my hair more to spread the oils out. The roots have been a bit oily but the rest of the hair is softer than ever! I'm leaning towards having a bit oily roots + awesome hair rather than really clean with dry lengths. Going no poo has made me care less about if my hair looks a bit dirty I guess. Plus there's always dry schampoo you guys! (corn starch + cocoa powder) 8)

Here's my hair just before I cut it a month ago. Didn't get an after pic oops. This is the longest my hair has ever been. 10-15 cm below my waist or so. I'm growing it back. Kinda curious to see how long it can get... 8)

Also, I cut my own hair since I'm cool and all. (and don't really care that much ;)) I'm guessing that it's a lot easier when you have long hair. Here's a video I found pretty helpful. Youtube also has like a million tutorials if you wanna learn how to cut your hair. Since I don't go to hair dressers (for several reasons) and can't always get someone I know to cut it (guessing my mom's a bit tired after cutting my hair for 20 years ;)) I just had to dive in. I do it when the bf is home so he can tell me if it looks somewhat straight at least ;P


  1. Oj, vilket långt hår du har (hade)! Såg en kvinna som hade hår till fotknölarna häromdagen. Trodde faktiskt inte att hår kunde växa så långt och är rädd att jag nog stirrade på henne. Imponerande i alla fall!

  2. Min skalp är lite röd och irriterad, har du testat vinägertvätt? Eller tror du att honung funkar bättre? Jag är ju poo med schampot ännu men nu sist tvättade jag det med bara vatten så hårbotten ska få vila. Får ta och använda upp mina schampokakor innan jag testar något nytt :)

    PS. Det är astråkigt att klippa andras hår men jag kan ju göra det ibland för att vara snäll ;)