Sunday, December 8, 2013


The days are moving quickly. I've been working for three weeks now. It's going fine and I like it. Just a lot of stuff to remember. But I'll get the hang of it :) I'm working on some christmas gifts at the moment but I still have some unposted DIYs. For today though, just some random lifey pics.

I love it when my outfits are mostly second hand/hand made :)

Cosy nights in with the bf.

And an awesome breakfast on a saturday.

Yesterday me and lil G went on an adventure in the snowy weather to visit my best friend. For his birthday I gave my brother in law (and my sister) a home cooked lunch and some baby free time :) And yesterday we found the time for this special occasion! I made some pannbiffar and a sallad and took lil G out for a walk. First time I've been away by myself with her and it went really well :) About two hours away from her parents and she was happy until we were about to leave my friends place. Proud aunt! :)


  1. Vad är pärlplattorna för projekt?

    1. Inget, bara lite pyssel :) Pärlorna åkte av igen sen.