Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day of DIY # 58. Lopapeysa.

You could say this post has been in the books for a while. Kinda. I started knitting this lopapeysa (sweater made of lopi (icelandic wool)) around christmas 2009. And then... I procrastinated. I actually finished with the knitting part pretty fast but when I tried it on the arms and body were too short and I was super bummed and put it away for a while. Which turned into years as I forgot about it. Luckily for me I have 3 sisters and especially since I have one sister with shorter arms that really likes home knits! Woop woop! So I decided to give it to her since I couldn't be arsed with altering it. And she would be happy to have it :) Oh and another thing, I finished this in a frenzy since I had to send it before christmas. So the pics are a bit so and so. But still, pic spam! Oh and this is also my contribution to Husmorsskolans Syförening this week :)

This is how I found it after all those years lol. I got almost all of the yarn from my dear mother (this was before my yarn empire ;)). It's made of two threads of plötulopi. And probably size 4,5 needles. And raglan! <3 My mom also translated the pattern for me since it was in icelandic. Guess I'll have to start translating them myself now tho ;)

And from the back.

This pic makes me realize I should probably clean our mirror lol. Anyways here it is after I finished it! My mom gave me the buttons from her stash. Yes, there would be no crafting without my mom.

Close up.

I asked my sister for some action (indeed!) pics. Here you can see the sweater and feel grateful if you don't have that kind of snow ;)

And here it is again in the company of my favorite little boy in the world.

First two pics by the bf, second two by me and last two by sister L.
I'm pretty pleased with myself for turning this 4 year old UFO into an FO. Booyah! Also, this was kind of my first knit (I was ambitious no?) so it's cool seeing it finished because of that as well :)


  1. Pff, korta armar! Haha, jag tackar mina braiga armar för många fina tröjor :D :D

    Tyckte att jag kände igen tröjan, jag hade glömt att jag hade försökt få den en gång redan. Nu är den MINE all MINE! Just nu kryper det ner mot -30 så det är liiite för kallt att ha den just nu. Tur att vi snart finns på sydligare breddgrader :D

  2. Fantastiskt fint förstlingsverk! Brava!