Saturday, August 9, 2014


Summer is still here. Drinking tea in a hot room was perhaps not the best idea lol. Anyways, here are some pics! I kinda like these everyday updates. Don't worry tho, yarny stuff to come soon!

 I finally pulled myself together and ordered my christmas present from Bokus. Better late than never lol. Thanks G! :) The left book is pretty boring but neccessary. I bought the middle one since I want to learn how to sew clothes (properly ;)) and then I just had to buy the mittens-book. It's really nice of them to make a pattern just for me! ;)

I made a smoothie today for the first time in ages. Bananas, blueberries and milk.

Enough for the both of us.

A week ago I went to Copenhagen with my mom and another tribe member. We saw an ATS-performance :) It was too hot and sunny so we didn't want to stand in front of the stage but there's a lot of moving around in ATS so it was still cool!

Them clothes <3

I love the summer. Please never end.


  1. Knitting and ATS. What can I say?!

  2. Körkort är bra att ha, även om vägen dit är tråkig.
    Kul att du också tänker lära dig sy! Jag har läst mängder med böcker men ännu inte sytt nånting...

  3. I made a strawberry/kiwi smoothie the other day for the first time in ages too!

  4. Jag är 32 och tog körkort i början av sommaren. Jag var verkligen inte intresserad tidigare men sen bara tog jag tag i det och då gick det hur bra som helst. Hoppas du får samma flyt!